I have always tried to stay away from Weddings as much as possible. I guess the pain still remains as I see the bride all radiant in white walking down the aisle and being greeted by the man that she will spend the rest of her life with. It stings… and yes, just like in Amnesia Girl… it does happen. If I had known beforehand that I would be shooting a wedding, I would have easily turned my best friend down but I am so glad that I didn’t. I just realized that for me to really reach my dream, I need to face such challenges and try to accept and not to stray away.It has been a great close to my 2012. Now I’m up and ready and I will definitely look forward to more projects to come. Time to step up and show my awesomeness… :P

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They say love is a rare chance to find, a phenomenon so magical that it is shared by just two people yet witnessed by the world. No matter how you see it, it is and will always be a bitter sweet memory that reminds us that we had once loved, loves and will love once again.

We all have our own story to tell, that is what I find truly interesting in every people that I meet. Some are full of great adventures to share, and some are filled with amazing lessons waiting to be imparted and no matter what their tales unfold it still deserves to be heard. If there is one thing, one very exciting topic (aside for sex, of course…  ***if you know what I mean***… ) that everyone finds very appealing, it would be all about Love… most especially our First True Love.


Everybody remembers his or her first love, unless of course you got hit by a car then got run over by a ten wheeler truck and still survived. It is a once in a lifetime moment where you’re puking rainbows everywhere, singing love songs, and routinely expresses your undying love for your other half and of course, a series of firsts.


First Kiss. Whenever I ask people what their first kiss was like, I immediately notice a smile that lit up their faces. It’s a very sweet moment to cherish for most of us. They say it’s like having that electric jolt pass through your veins on that very moment your lips touch. It’s a tachycardia moment that makes your heart jump out of your chest. It is magic.


First HHWW Moment. Back in high school, whenever I see couples walking hand in hand, it literally makes me want to puke. It’s gross and for me pretty weird, but I never thought that with that simple gesture one can make you feel safe. Having someone hold your hand is like a sign of trust and respect and it is really amazing how that link can give so much impact to your feelings.


First Fight. Quarrels in my perspective are a great test of maturity and serve as evidence that your relationship is growing up. It is a chance to know what will be best for your relationship and shows you a whole new outlook about life and love.


First Heart Ache. Reality is definitely a far cry from what we read from fairy tales. That concept of living happily ever after is not as easy as it sounds. That very moment when one decided to end that love story you have been carefully writing for some time is truly painful and will forever scar. It is actually like someone ripped off your heart and left a black hole instead. It is now up to you, on how to take it. It is up to you on how you decide to handle that moment because from that time on, you have been changed forever.


These and so many others are just some of the ingredients that made our First Love unforgettable. There is no perfect formula when it comes to relationships. It is dependent on two people who is willing enough to work through their flaws and fight because of love. We may be lucky on our very first try in this crazy little moment but we should consider that failures may also come along the way. What is important is that we know when to fight and when to let go. Believe it or not sometimes we are just stuck on that routine and we are already bare inside digging our own grave. Love is indeed selfless but sometimes you need to consider your own happiness as well and ask yourself, is it still worth it or is it time to walk away and say goodbye.

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A Reminder of what EVERYTHING is for
If the question is why I want to be a Virtual Assistant, I believe the right question is why not be a Virtual Assistant? I know this word might sound alien to some, but believe me when I say that it opens an opportunity of a lifetime.
So who am I to say such thing about this industry? You might be wondering if I am one of those folks trying to scam you into winning an iPAD or something but I am a nobody, just like you who is on her way to be somebody, just like them.
To tell you honestly, I am no expert and I have been in this industry just for about 3 weeks now, spending my 2 months trying to find a legitimate job online. Haha! It was no joke! I have been spending 2 months, I think, to try to find a job that I believe would suit me and is offering a salary that would suffice our needs.
You see, I have been working for about 3 years in one of the most respected sales company in the Philippines handling top of the line medical products. Back then I was earning not too much but higher than what people usually make plus some commissions. Kaching! You can say that money was really good then. During those times, we can easily buy anything we want or go to different places in a snap but then we lost track of something so important and that can never be bought back even by all the money in the world. Time.
I arrive in my area at around 7am and sometimes I come home around 10pm. There are times when I barely see my family most importantly my baby. Weekends come by so fast as I am studying Photography on Saturdays and I tend to sleep all day during Sundays. My mind and body is all worked up, my social life is dead, and my family life is fading away. Some of you might say all I need is proper Time Management and yes it’s true but the very thing I realized is that all those early mornings, working lunches, super late night work has never benefited me… I’m just making my company richer than ever while sacrificing the most important thing to me, my daughter.
Being the risk-taker that I have always been, I decided to resign from my previous company in search of a career that would best fit me. I tried to apply for different careers. I once applied as a photographer which is my true love, yet I find the market for entry levels so unfair… but I should better reserve that for another post. Hehe! A friend of mine also offered me a Project Management position with a more tempting pay, but then again I realized I’ll just be back to my old post but with a different company. Lastly, I tried to apply as a Home Based English Tutor, and this opened my mind to the millions of earning possibilities the Internet has to offer. 
I am no newbie when it comes to online marketing. I have been running my own Online Shop, Le Fabuleux Shop, and been doing email marketing back then. I may boast some skills when it comes to the online market but what I discovered is something I never thought of possibly doing and that is being a Virtual Assistant.
A Virtual Assistant is defined by Wikipedia as generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office. So basically we are all entrepreneurs at all sense. Being a Virtual Assistant gives you all the freedom that you have just been dreaming of while you were a regular employee -freedom to choose your own time, freedom to work on your own phase, and most importantly the freedom from all those corporate responsibilities and laws suffocating our creative minds all at the convenience of your home. You’re basically the Big Boss of your small company. Yeah Boy!
With the endless earning capabilities that being a Virtual Assistant has to offer, it also nourishes what you have always loved doing. You might be a very creative writer buried under those reports and spreadsheets, or even a good marketer working behind the limelight, a detailed designer spending his days glued on his office seat, or in my case a frustrated photographer wanting to learn more about Photoshop and an opportunity to feature her own work. Whatever it is that you were once just dreaming of, is within your reach by being a Virtual Assistant and the best thing about it is that you are getting PAID! Hooray for that!
These are not just promises, but these are stories I have come across with during those times when I was about to give up. Thanks for different people like Nica Mandigma of The Virtual Online Assistant, Sheila Zaldivar and Rain Gamboa who has unknowingly helped me so much with all their links and advices and most importantly to the VA Philippines community who has helped and is continuously helping starters like me in this adventure. You guys have been a great adviser to me and have helped me to fear nothing but rather to prepare for everything.
It’s never too late to take that first step. You might not follow what I did and decided to take baby steps towards this industry but what is important is the fact that you have opened your mind in this great opportunity. What’s in it for me? Nothing. I am merely a loving mom who was just reminded of what is really important in life, and why we are doing everything and to whom it is really for.

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as you may notice, i love to shoot kids. i just love how they exude energy and innocence all throughout, same reason why i want to focus in child portraiture… =)

just finished writing 11 articles about email encryption and secure web mails… what the heck do i know about those?!?! waaaaahhhh!

1. take a bath

2. eat

3. edit my Summit pictures

4. eat

5. enroll

6. read

7. play with air

8. eat

9. update my OL shop

10. sleep

-wow. i’m booked!

browsing, i saw this compilation of vintage kiddie pictures by DP. love it… looking thru this pictures made my day and inspired me on a whole new level. super thinking about having a kiddie shoot tom. =)